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Do you like dating blue eye blondes? I have a bit of fetish for blue eyed blondes, and I have recently discovered that there are lots of blue eye blonde London escorts like I used to date a lot in central, and I have to admit that blue eyed blondes were a bit of rarity. however since starting to date London escorts, I have finally found the girls of my dreams.

I do realize that there are plenty of blue eyed blonde escorts around the country but until a couple of months ago, I had not been able to come across any. But London escorts give me exactly what I am looking for, and only amongst London escorts I have been able to find some genuine blue eyed blondes.

My Passion

London Escorts

London Escorts

I am not sure why I have such a passion for blue eyed blondes, but I just love looking into those blue eyes during moments of ecstasy. To be honest for me there can’t be enough blue eyed blondes in the world, and they are the only girls that I am truly interested in. A lot of my friends enjoy dating brunettes, but I have to be honest and say that they do not turn me on at all.

If I can’t date a blue eyed girl, I am not going to date anybody. I have not always dated blue eyed blondes. My dating life started out dating redheads but then I all of a sudden I had a really hot date with a blue eyed blonde. Ever since then I have only dated blue eyed blondes.

I do have a favorite girl that I like to date, and her name is Neta. Neta is from Sweden and like all London escorts she is just stunning. Neta is the typical Scandinavian blonde with lots of blonde curly hair, and those natural blue eyes that a chap can just drown in.

We have been dating for about 3 months and I am never going to give her up. On top of her golden blonde hair she has the most amazing body, and just seeing her move can bring me enormous physical pleasure. It is difficult to describe how much I desire Neta but I certainly do. Once the weekend comes around I just can’t wait to see her, and at Friday 8 pm I am waiting anxiously outside her door. Let me in please Neta, I am dying to see you.

It is sometimes hard when you are fixated on one particular escort. If you can’t get a date you end up being really frustrated, and this is often how I feel around Neta. Neta is probably one of the most popular escorts in London, and I always have to make sure that I book a date with her in plenty of time.

We date twice a week, and that gives me an opportunity to satisfy all that I need from Neta. Blonde hair, blue eyes and long legs, what else can a chap ask for…

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A name a moment ago said that when I am forced to have a pause my journey at London Stansted airport, it is one as easy to list Upton park escorts as it is to request local Stansted girls. Alexandrea, the well-informed dater from the Upton Park, said that several Upton park girls give a much pleasant service, and you would probably as well take a wise picking of girls on or after which to choose. I be present not really busy yet I admit that I love going out with sexy brunettes. To me brunettes are not as much of complicated in this modern-day and it seems that I have better leisure time together with brunettes than some other girls.


dating with these lovely upton park escorts


I started dating thus far Upton park escorts a few months in the past, and I likewise knows that Alexandrea is the right gal. The girls are indeed sexy, and also I do like the high-quality that you will come to be. This will be surely multi-cultural zone, and I recognize that I have been until that time suitable to date few of really spicy Italian girls in Upton Park. In the past I started dating inside Upton Park, I have never even seen any Italian ladies, but now I am totally besotted with Italian hot babes London. On my two latest stop-offs, I dated sexy Italian girls on events together a superb time.


Upton Park is one of fantastic party neighborhood. We have dated Upton park escorts party girls in here. It was an unbelievable date experience, I and my boyfriends will probably repeat. I was absolutely a shoot of the second thing, so we just contact a local agency to look out if that they had party girls, and indeed they have. We had this generous and fantastic time exposed many of the good bars and here we were even in a situation to have a sexy Italian meal within a restaurant which belonged to an acquaintance of the girls. I will definitely date a party girls in Upton Park again and again.


Correspondingly, Upton Park is not that far away from the airport. Which means that effortlessly get a call to have an interesting tantric massage, all I wanna to do every time is to take a taxi in the hotel. We are now certainly into tantric massages, and I have bring into being which I sense extra relaxed after a tantric massage. Upton Park is undoubtedly the few places in UK to try a genuine tantric massage, which is certainly mostly right down to sexy Italian Upton park escorts like the girls I have dated.


Based on more than a few of my business social group, Upton park escorts services have level-up quite a bit in recent times. They never was before amazing, many having transformed these days, Exactly the top VIP and elite escorts agencies have opened up, and you can now make instant dating arrangements. Almost all of the escorts agencies in your community have really good spots, thoughtful that helps a lot as well. It’s very indeed nice that you can understand the girls that you can date. Each of the websites are actually well systematized, and you can easily find the perfect girl inside Upton Park.